under the Woodstock Bridge swim 6
Woodstock covered bridge
Woodstock cemetary
Sugarbush cheese tasting
Sugarbush Farm
my face at Sugarbush
feeding goats
DM feeding horse
DM feeding horses
under the Woodstock Bridge swim 7
under the Woodstock Bridge swim 5
under the Woodstock Bridge swim 4
under the Woodstock Bridge swim 3
under the Woodstock Bridge swim 1
first round of cheese
Vermont! 2013
local eggs are out
Earnest 2
before the first river swim
morning feet
Church Street
Harpoon Brewery, VT 5
Harpoon Brewery, VT 4
Harpoon Brewery, VT 3
Harpoon Brewery, VT 2
Harpoon Brewery, VT

awesome sink at our placeMarsh Billings
E and me
garden at Marsh Billings Rockefeller
Vermont trees
Ottaquechee River
breakfaston the way to SugarbushSustainable Farmer, Windsor VT
prepping the flaslight
Earnest in the dark
night time walk
the moon

Dominic took a few days off of a work and he arranged a last minute trip to Woodstock, Vermont. Last year, Jeso and I went to visit the HM and we swam in rivers and were totally in love with nature.

This year, Dominic fell in love with nature. We also met the HM and R-money under the Woodstock Bridge to go swimming. We also ate cheese. So. Much. Cheese.

One thing I noticed on our trip was that Vermont has a certain fascination with Art Nouveau fonts. I wondered if maybe there was a better option than Arnold Boecklin for signs for hair salons and clothing boutiques.

DM and I visited Sugarbush Farm while we were in Woodstock as well. We fed the livestock (do you know how weird goat’s tongues are? And visited the sugar house, and also taste tested cheese (as we had done every day before then as well).

We also attempted a star viewing one night, but I became radically afraid of being eaten by a bear so I made Dominic pack up the blanket. “WHAT IF WE DIE!?” I cried. This is obviously ridiculous but I am thankful he didn’t make me live through my fear. If I didn’t have a nervous breakdown about being mauled by a bear, I would have eventually come to have a nervous breakdown while looking at the stars. Lying on a blanket and looking into a dark sky feels both like you’re laying on the floor of a dimmed Grand Central and like you are looking into the universe (which you are) and has an effect of nausea and awe. I kept waiting for someone to step on me. This is not normal.

As we were heading towards I-91 for the trip home I screamed, “we won’t forget you! Promise me you’ll write! I love you, Vermont!”

I’ve got fingers, toes and eyes crossed that maybe I can go back again before 2013 ends. Earnest’s paws are crossed too, as he loved rolling around in some kind of animal poop-a-loop in the yard which forced me to give him a bath with Tresemme. While not made for dogs, he certainly is the shiniest I’ve ever seen him.

You can see posts from last year’s trip here here.


wake up
poop walk
morning walk
parking garage
fork etc
mobile navigation that i want to set on fire
car ride
mask with an eye patch
trailing lights
from February

I didn’t have a USB cord with my in Philly, so these are overdue.

This day was one thousand degrees Fahrenheit. After walking dogs and grocery shopping, Dominic and I went to his friend’s house in Jersey to swim. Here, I captivated the attention of a 4-1/2 year old who was impressed with my rainbow drawing skills. She made me that mask in the third to last pic.

The last picture is from the Philip Lim after party…
Which was in February…

I love a good, random surprise.

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work ethic

As if the weather the past few days hasn’t been enough of a deterrent in getting any work done, Earnest has been waging a war against me. It involves jumping on the chair next to me, leaping onto my lap, letting me pull his ears back like an alien, and then jumping off only to repeat the entire ambush 5 minutes later.

This is a silent, shiny furred soldier who smells vaguely of bacon.



best traveling companion

FX PhotoStudio Image




On the way to Almirante

blue water

from the boat






emergency space kit

Keep Buying Shit You Don't Need




Woodstock Inn Success

Holding Earnesto

in the field

bike riding in Anchorage

looking towards Exit Glacier

best birthday picture ever


Jeso and me and me









Chandeliers at the Met.

Glamorously feeding the dog.

Basement to my building, flooded. #sandy

All @jesocat ever wanted was a woman to put a hot meal in front of her when she got home from work. Trevortin just came along for the ride. #kitteh

Beautiful Brooklyn Saturday.

The heat and hot water have returned! No woman vs. nature tonight, unfortunately. #snow

Day 2: so many donations today! I am so proud of my people and especially those friends who trekked to the studio to drop off goods. I XO you. #sandyaid

In the Fiat with Cap'n Cara!

Tini tiny.

Windy tinsel.

Cat and (Hazelnut) dog.

Wednesday drive over the Williamsburg Bridge.

My special place.


kittehs Christmas

Because why wouldn't a dog need a throw pillow to rest his chin on?

Yesterday evening's Christmas party.

Crazy traffic steam today.

Ann Hamilton @ Park Ave Armory

NYCB Nutcracker.

Cap'n Cara

Christmas bloody Mary

Long Brooklyn shadows

I always like standing on the threshold of New Years Eve and looking back. It reminds me of all the things, both gleeful and painful, that had to happen in order for me to get here.

Good-bye 2012, a year full of art and inspiration and highs and lows and old friends and new friends and lots of travel and food and laughing and some crying and being really unsure of how things would and will pan out. This year’s been the beginning of learning how to roll with uncertainty and inquietude but also how to truly appreciate and live in the best moments. I aged 30 philosophical years in the past 12 months, but dang, I trust I still have the innocent and mistakingly underage face that will get me carded all the way through 2013.

Arrivederci, 2012!

2013, I’ll be there in a few…


Tomorrow is the last day of my semester.

Glorified science fair/critique/my absolute hell. I loathe survey, though KR pointed out to me yesterday that if it wasn’t for this living hell, that we would never “finish” any of our projects. Survey certainly gives me acid reflux, but KR is right, without it, projects would never be finalized to a professional level.

So, tomorrow I will soldier on and try not to cry or scream expletives when some person, who has no idea what the basis of my projects were, says something totally off the mark and give some generic suggestion that requires only 5-7 milliseconds of thought. I am really looking forward to a delicious lunch at City Bakery and then reveling in the glory known as WINTER BREAK.

And yes, Earnest just climbed up on my lap as I was working on the laptop and gave me a hug.

I often wonder what Earnest does when I’m not home. There’s been evidence that he occasionally gets on the dining table, and that one time he ripped a $20 bill to shreds, but other than that, I do wonder what he does when I’m not around.


Today I tried to observe as diligently as multitasking would allow.


He amuses himself by standing on the couch and dropping his bones over the edge. I bet the neighbors downstairs love that almost as much as I love their baby crying in the middle of the night. Then he slept for like, 6 hours straight.


So. Question answered: the dog doesn’t do anything. I mean, other than make cute sleeping noises and change cute poses in his sleep.


Also, I’m a dog aunt now! My brother rescued a pup in Alaska. Her eyes are amazing, no?



This animal woke me up this morning intimating that he wanted to go for a walk. After I got out of bed and got dressed I was looking for him and found him. In bed. Asleep.


I can’t be angry, he got me to school earlier than I ever make it during the week. So there’s that. Then I had a long morning of listening to music and researching.

Rogue Wave, Chicago x 12

Normandie, Shout Out Louds

Full Circle, Half Moon Run

Run Off The Road, Ola Podrida

While we’re on the musical note… Debo and I went to see Newsies on Friday night. I had no idea of the storyline and my main reasoning for going was that the last time I saw Tony Coleslaw he said “I really want to go see Newsies.” That’s it. He told me the dancing was supposed to be amazing. A) He was so right. B) It was the gayest musical I have ever seen and in the very, very best way. Supposed orphan newspaper boys? I couldn’t remove myself from my insider knowledge of dance boys and was very amused thinking about what it must be like to be in a cast with 20 men, most of whom are probably gay. It could either be glorious or very cruel.