Puppy time.

gray day


cakeface costume construction time.

I don't know how he does it.

A cuppa tea (and some quiche and a tuna melt and some quality time with ELough). #ladieswholunch

Catching up on today's news.

Morning rehearsal in sub zero temperatures.

Trevortin brought donuts to @ohcakeface rehearsal and then we ate all of them.

doing an efficient job of hiding

sunset joy ride

I bet I do.

Yesterday morning's costume spray painting adventure on the roof.

driving through the LES

Theodoros Stamatogiannis @ #nolongerempty

#nolongerempty at the Bank of Manhattan building last night. Checking out the vaults.

dominic at #nolongerempty

debo and friends


A pair not to be trifled with, especially regarding the rendering of fish.

dick fish at the dinner party

Lady lunch (dessert) date.

dagny and barstow


This one's called "cake." @ohcakeface, it was made for us.

get nude get drawn, wburg

snow in wburg

Radical heater at sub zero rehearsal.

Spilled milk and a bar graph.

It was quite a weekend for coldness and fire.

Yellow and white flowers.

Things of note: Dominic and I checked out No Longer Empty’s How Much Do I Owe You? at the LIC Clock Tower the other week. You should go if only to step inside of a real bank vault, but that’s really not the only reason to go. I love the collaborative, site specific purpose of their projects. It’s been a fun few weeks of getting back into the swing of things after winter break + Rwanda. I really did kind of miss slaving in front of the computer… That is not sarcasm.

Today might have been the best day of the month. February is going to be killer, but I’m looking forward to the fortitudinous challenge.



Unwillingly, unfortunately.

Vermont was amazing. We swam in rivers, drank wine and played in the grass and drove through the mist and the rain and coasted down a hill in neutral. I laughed and was so happy and relaxed and forgot about the bummer things that I let weigh me down sometimes.

As predicted: excellent weekend.


Happy Birthday, Debo!

May all your birthday wishes full of sleeping puppies and vino come true.

Or maybe I meant sleeping puppies full of vino?

Debo and I were roommates freshman year at UArts in Furness 3J. No matter how many years pass, I can still picture her, sitting at her tiny desk in blue terrycloth sweatpants, typing late into the night. Our senior year we would run into each other on Broad Street and cry. Haha. JK. We saved the crying for bathroom stalls at Terra. Yay!

In any case, we’ve come a long way, darling. I hope this year brings good luck, good things and the clarity which seems to come only while riding the G train. You deserve it!



I’ve been keeping busy.


DB and I went to see Pina on Thursday. Dance. In 3D. In a mostly empty movie theater. It was excellent. And by excellent, I mean, I have been thinking about it in many an idle moment lately.


Last week I realized that the view from room 714 at school is AWESOME.

FX PhotoStudio Image

Saturday I went to the Smithsonian Graphic Design: Now in Production at Governor’s Island. This poster caught my eye. I’ve recently become aware of how much shit we own, and how much we don’t need most of it.


After my little journey to Governor’s Island I was shipped off to Hopewell to see HAC’s twin brother, SA, who has returned from Korea for a two week visit. Have I mentioned Hopewell Township is the special part in the back of my mind where I go when I’m having a bad day?

My family has turned into the Asian Kennedys. Footballs and frisbees were present. Who are we?




Dogs were plentiful.


As were frog legs.


And champagne (not only to celebrate SA’s return, but Julian’s graduation from Wesleyan).


And almond cake from Veniero’s.


And dogs… wait… I already said that.

FX PhotoStudio Image

This photo is the best damn thing in the world that should give world peace, end hunger, etc.


Happy Monday. I’m spending today writing a research paper. YEOW.


Summertime is here!

Driving range

I’ve turned into Tiger Woods. I am of course implying that I have become a sex crazed addict and not a professional golfer.


My darling Lucas.

Oysters at Pearl's

Oysters at Pearl Oyster Bar on Memorial Day Weekend when there was NO WAIT for seats.


Jeso is a percentage Native American. No really, she is. That’s why we made her stand next to this statue on Grand.

panting at the picnic

Had a Memorial Day kitteh picnic in which Earnest panted the entire time and rolled around in the grass.

I'm with Mitt: A Better Amercia

Saw Mikey for a drink and he showed me the “I’m With Mitt” app and the typo that says “Amercia.”

Mutant Blueberry

Mutant Blackberry

I’ve been quite excited about all the produce available now that it’s springtime. Specifically, berries. Except I’ve been eating so much of them that I’ve started discovering deformities in them. I can’t tell if conjoined fruit is a problem or not, but of course you know that I had to watch this youtube clip on conjoined twins and of course I found it fascinating.

Taryn Simon at MoMA

I was at MoMA last week to see the Ecstatic Alphabet/Heaps of Language exhibition and then also perused the Taryn Simon A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters I–XVIII photo exhibit. She spent 4 years traveling and researching bloodlines. The exhibit is walls covered in photographs in strict grids. The storylines vary, one work was about genocide victims in Bosnia, another was the bloodline of Hans Frank, who was Hitler’s legal advisor. Really interesting, and completely chilling.

Washington Square Park

Thursday evening in Washington Square Park.


Saturday night sunset from Jimmy.


Sunday at the Andrew Freedman House, 167th and Grand Concourse, the Bronx. If you’re too lazy to click on the link, here’s the synopsis: Andrew Freeman, a wealthy New Yorker, built this huge palazzo in the Bronx as a home for those who had lost their riches and didn’t want to become “commoners.” The house is 111,000 square feet. It opened in the late 1920s and close around 1980 when the funds dried up. Now it’s run by the Mid Bronx Senior Citizens Council and the space is used for community programs.


The kittehs and I went on a field trip to go see the No Longer Empty This Side of Paradise exhibit that was happening there. And by George! Yes… the title of the exhibition was lifted from the book by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I mean… who else was so endlessly obsessed with aristocracy?


Room of Post Its by Mario Chamarro and Daniel Paluska (called, the Happy Project).


My eyebrows and the gold room. (Then and There, Cheryl Pope.)


Birthday dessert at Spot Dessert Bar for B’s 27th. He couldn’t decide what he wanted and asked for my opinion and I told him “Get whatever you want, it’s your birthday!” and the waiter took the hint and later brought a cupcake with a candle and had the waitstaff sing happy birthday. Did I mention it was just me and him? I laughed maniacally as surprised Asian onlookers looked on.


Earnesto. He’s been extra facially expressive lately. What can I say?

If there was ever a week to be unemployed, it was this week. The weather’s been beautiful. Earnest and I have been enjoying long morning walks.

The kittehs and I had a Memorial Day picnic on Monday. Earnest did his “roll in the grass” bit for them. If you haven’t seen him roll like a pig in shit in the grass, here’s the video evidence:

I can’t teach him how to roll over because when I try to touch his neck he thinks I’m trying to pull a fast one on him so his eyes bulge out and then he thinks it’s time to play. Somehow he can roll with grace while scratching his backside on the grass.

As I write this he is passed out like this on the couch, and I can see the rubber bone sticking out from under his neck. I somehow can’t imagine that this is comfortable, but he looks so tired I don’t want to move him.



Earnest and I took a little road trip this weekend.



We drove to Connecticut to spend the weekend with my dad. He’s a swinging bachelor while my mom’s away in South America. The traffic on Friday afternoon was absurd.

Once we got there, it was amazing! Great weather, Earnest napped in several locations, and we dined on lobster Saturday night after pops and I spent two hours hitting balls at the driving range. Earnest is staying with his human grandfather this week, so I had to leave him today to come back to the city. He put his smushy face against the window when I left and I shed some tears when I left to drive to the train station (re: one hour drive, I weeped the entire way). Somehow, I never quite envisioned myself at 26, crying while driving because I would be without my dog for 6 days.






Hark, tomorrow marks the first set of Panama photos. BAM, get ready…