Barbie® Fashionistas™

My friend AS and I have this thing where we online window shop and then send links to each other. We call it “Barbie thoughts.” Is that incredibly sexist and denigrating?


But we don’t care.

Last weekend I stopped with my mom in Lenox, Mass. for lunch and some shopping. As the (early) gift to commemorate me emerging from the womb, my mother bought me a pair of faux leather pants (they’re actually these).

I’ve solved the shoe problem by finding these robo-cop stiletto babies on sale on ideeli. They are my birthday present to myself. Also, once they are in my possession I am pretty sure they will be considered a weapon.

If I had real balls/cajones, I would top it all off with this burnout devore jacket. I found one like it in a small shop in Lenox, but it was entirely too much money and they also sold purses still in plastic bags there, so I was not convinced it was an investment.

I found this, a suitable non-Yoko-Ono-esque top to marry the pants and the shoes, but I can’t quite justify spending six $10 bills on one shirt from Urban Outfitters.

I suppose I will continue my quest. Anyone have any ideas? I feel like my consignment thrifting friend, Debo, will have a solution to this unimportant dilemma I’ve found myself in.