humorous email

It’s been a while since I shared my great love for the hilarious things people send me.

I got this from AA yesterday:

“omg i’m still so entertained by you and you don’t even work here anymore”

Just goes to show you, the quality of my entertainment does not cease just because I’m not in the building. I could be a celebrity.


I got an email from GVlad yesterday. It read:

I was looking for things in the women’s style department, and found this, and thought of you.



Following that was this link.

He knows me so well. Or let me say, he knows Cap’n Cara and I so well, seeing as he emailed it to both of us and both of us were, as they say “over the moon” about a piece of stationery being so completely and utterly “us.”

We email updated each other on Friday. I wrote to her about my life, and she wrote back about her romantic Valentine’s Day tapas dinner.

I ate sweetbreads. And yellowfin tuna. And razor clams. (And veggies!) Yes, you read that correctly. It’s amazing what a little alcohol on an empty stomach will encourage me to eat.

Did I mention she’s a vegetarian? Well, a shitty one, anyway. She emailed me a few months back and said that when she was in New York that she had accidentally eaten a bite of GVlad’s brisket sandwich at Num Pang┬ábecause it was perfectly square, like how tofu might appear. I believe this is not a mix up, but rather, a subconscious desire to start eating meat after 10 years of being a vegetarian. I’d like to think that I, in part, have something to do with this, but the truth is, Thursday night I made tofu tacos and enjoyed them profusely.

Email from Jeso regarding a design competition:

as a designer, how do you feel about these shitty contests?

Email from me in reply:

It’s a shitty excuse to get someone to do work for much less than they would pay for a real designer and a real design. Like everything else today, it infuriates me and makes me want to kill people/myself.