Since moving to New York six years ago, summer seems to drop off right after my birthday. The air gets crisp, and the sun shifts to an angle that warns me that summer is waning. It often makes me nauseous.

This year I am mourning the loss of summer, but in that I’m also preparing myself to go mega-psychotic full-speed hyper-balls-to-the-walls to finish out my last semester of graduate school.

Yesterday Dom and I rode our bikes out to Jacob Riis Park. We rode down Bedford Avenue all the way from Bed Stuy to Sheepshead Bay and then over the Marine Bay Parkway. It was beautiful and smiling was a natural reaction as I pedaled as fast as I could up and down hills. We ended this epic, 30+ miler day with enormous Coconut Bliss ice cream sundaes with sprinkles. When Dom tucked me in last night, I rehashed summer highlights until I talked myself to sleep.

celebratory end-of-semester swank dinner


“NYC 1993: Experimental┬áJet Set, Trash and No Star” museum date with Debo


Alexis’ going away party with the fist

Alexis & DM

Philly brunch

Sunday brunch at Parc

My favorites after the Brooklyn Half

JO + DM after the Brooklyn Half

First time in Coney (I know…)


Frigid Boston Calling with Cap’n Cara + Jesocat

Cap'n Cara and me in the rain

Boston Calling, the sun came out the last day

Boston Calling

One of many car trips with Bo this summer

Boses' headrest

Morning Philly dog walk

morning walk

More Coney


Height of summer!

on the Wonder Wheel

Effing Chicago with cakeface

HG & JO in front of Empire Liquor 5

First show in Chicago

7pm show

Moving to Bushwick

Earnest amongst the boxes

Fourth of July

fireworks 2

Woodstock, VT

under the Woodstock Bridge swim 5

Feeding goats and laughing at their weird tongues touching my hand

feeding goats

cakeface’s first showing of harold, i hate you

camp cakeface

Roosevelt Island weeknight adventure

me on Roosevelt Island

Earnest on a road trip


Seeing my design work in the Berkshires

MLA poster

Mass Live Arts at Simon’s Rock

New York girls in MA

Birthday, fucking, cake, oh yeah!

birthday cake and candles

kittehs in Bushwick!

kittehs in #bushwick

Rhody trip to see soul sister

Bloodies, lobster, crabby towel, @nikkijuen, soulsisters.

Hazelnut and Earnest

Missing this.

Rhody sunset

Sunset on the way to a movie with my a.s.s. @nikkijuen

Good bye, summer.

Last day of summer with @domthevagabond.


Last weekend my mom and I took our annual birthday trip.

To the Berkshires!


Bristol Reservoir
MLA poster
Kripalu annex
Berkshire bowl
awesome clouds 1
Berkshire Bowl clouds
driving in Lenox
MLA at Simon's Rock
Simon's Rock
MLA at Simon's Rock 2
New York girls in MA
Sunday morning 6am
Canyon Ranch
early birthday cake

There was… some shopping in Lenox, a lot of yoga followed by a lot of meditation at Kripalu followed by a Radiohole’s Inflatable Frankenstein at Simon’s Rock for Mass Live Arts, and a luxurious day at Canyon Ranch(!). I’m not afraid to admit that I move quickly between all extremes!

The weekend was rounded out by some premature birthday cake with my parents on Sunday night. Maple walnut, oh yeah!

1) Enormous pothole on Willoughby near Home Depot that allegedly was part of an “explosion.” Police officer let me ride my bike on the sidewalk though the street was blocked off.
2) Beautiful decrepit building across from said pothole.
3) Pigeon guy in my neighborhood releasing pigeons on his roof.
4) On the same block, a Hearst with the trunk open ready to be loaded.

The pigeon/Hearst scenario was troubling. I told Jeso earlier this week, I fear every bike ride may be my last.

This is where 10 people tell me I’m being dramatic. But hey, I don’t have a will, so if this turns out to be true, please cremate me and take me on a trip and scatter me around the world.

waiting for the tram
tram hands
us on Roosevelt Island
me on Roosevelt Island
DM on Roosevelt Island
waiting for the return
Koch Bridge
arriving back in Manhattan 1
arriving back in Manhattan 2
Bushwick late night fire hydrant 1
Bushwick late night fire hydrant 1
Dominic took vacation before we went on vacation the other week, so we went to Roosevelt Island one night after I got out of rehearsal. I’d never been there, though, I don’t know our trip there via the tram counts as being “there.” We got off the tram, walked to the water’s edge, took some photos, laughed a little bit, then walked back and got back on the tram. On the way back the tram glided along the Ed Koch Bridge and in between big apartment buildings with big windows and lots of lights on. One of my favorite things about New York is looking at Manhattan lights, but moving high up in the air gave me a new vantage point to check things out. Conclusion: Manhattan lights are pretty great.

On the way home someone had opened a fire hydrant. It was full blast, creating a waterfall mist effect on our street. Conclusion: also pretty great (though incredibly wasteful).

under the Woodstock Bridge swim 6
Woodstock covered bridge
Woodstock cemetary
Sugarbush cheese tasting
Sugarbush Farm
my face at Sugarbush
feeding goats
DM feeding horse
DM feeding horses
under the Woodstock Bridge swim 7
under the Woodstock Bridge swim 5
under the Woodstock Bridge swim 4
under the Woodstock Bridge swim 3
under the Woodstock Bridge swim 1
first round of cheese
Vermont! 2013
local eggs are out
Earnest 2
before the first river swim
morning feet
Church Street
Harpoon Brewery, VT 5
Harpoon Brewery, VT 4
Harpoon Brewery, VT 3
Harpoon Brewery, VT 2
Harpoon Brewery, VT

awesome sink at our placeMarsh Billings
E and me
garden at Marsh Billings Rockefeller
Vermont trees
Ottaquechee River
breakfaston the way to SugarbushSustainable Farmer, Windsor VT
prepping the flaslight
Earnest in the dark
night time walk
the moon

Dominic took a few days off of a work and he arranged a last minute trip to Woodstock, Vermont. Last year, Jeso and I went to visit the HM and we swam in rivers and were totally in love with nature.

This year, Dominic fell in love with nature. We also met the HM and R-money under the Woodstock Bridge to go swimming. We also ate cheese. So. Much. Cheese.

One thing I noticed on our trip was that Vermont has a certain fascination with Art Nouveau fonts. I wondered if maybe there was a better option than Arnold Boecklin for signs for hair salons and clothing boutiques.

DM and I visited Sugarbush Farm while we were in Woodstock as well. We fed the livestock (do you know how weird goat’s tongues are? And visited the sugar house, and also taste tested cheese (as we had done every day before then as well).

We also attempted a star viewing one night, but I became radically afraid of being eaten by a bear so I made Dominic pack up the blanket. “WHAT IF WE DIE!?” I cried. This is obviously ridiculous but I am thankful he didn’t make me live through my fear. If I didn’t have a nervous breakdown about being mauled by a bear, I would have eventually come to have a nervous breakdown while looking at the stars. Lying on a blanket and looking into a dark sky feels both like you’re laying on the floor of a dimmed Grand Central and like you are looking into the universe (which you are) and has an effect of nausea and awe. I kept waiting for someone to step on me. This is not normal.

As we were heading towards I-91 for the trip home I screamed, “we won’t forget you! Promise me you’ll write! I love you, Vermont!”

I’ve got fingers, toes and eyes crossed that maybe I can go back again before 2013 ends. Earnest’s paws are crossed too, as he loved rolling around in some kind of animal poop-a-loop in the yard which forced me to give him a bath with Tresemme. While not made for dogs, he certainly is the shiniest I’ve ever seen him.

You can see posts from last year’s trip here here.

visual overload
vomit clean up fee
road signage
just uniting
Farmhouse bar
Farmhouse lunch
on top of Live Lab
metallic tits
love tag
Chicago hot dogs
calling the number
elevated train
crossing a bridge with bride/groom
Oriental 1
Oriental 2
the bean
this is the bean.
reflections in the bean 4
Crown Fountain 1
Crown Fountain 2
Crown Fountain 3
Chicago River
Wrigley Building silhouette
bike at a stoplight
HG & JO in front of Empire Liquor 5
Wicker Park, building
Wicker Park facade
Wicker Park storefronts
flowers in Wicker Park
1400 (with a gd Starbucks straw)
Jeso in a stiletto chair
Bangers & Lace 1
seizure of the eye
Bangers & Lace 2
Chicago reader stand
sun setting on Chicago
train lines
Chicago alley
waiting for the train
Chicago train
street art
Constellation//Links Hall
vice 3
vice 7
self timed floor pic
show order
still life with a banana (in the dressing room)

prop placing 2
Core Project Going Dutch
outside Links Hall
90 Miles
empty lot 1
empty lot 3
in between shows
galactic ceiling
dressing room
cat face
7pm show
gin fizzes to celebrate
Constellation//Links Hall
Chicago deep dish
yes, pizza, yes
early morning airport call
Chicago cab
6am cab ride
bai Chicago

cakeface’s Chicago trip was a success.

I’ve never been to Chicago, which meant Jeso, AS and our host, Hope, guided me around the city. Our first day in town, Friday, had beautiful weather so we walked around town. I don’t know anything about Chicago, but I do know that everyone I’ve ever seen that goes to Chicago goes and takes a picture of “the bean”/the actual name is Cloud Gate.

First impression: the idea I had in my head was that Cloud Gate was in a very long, narrow plaza. That was incorrect. It’s more like a square, in the middle of a park. Secondly, my belief that a bunch of people would be taking pictures of their reflection was totally right on. Jeso so kindly documented this for me. Lastly, I had no idea how beautiful it would look on a sunny, cloudless day. Watching the sky and the buildings in the morphed reflection was amazing.

We walked around Wicker Park. Jeso and I shared a foie gras hot dog (not pictured) and also took an evening walk to Marshall’s because she forgot her strapless bra to go under her costume (also not pictured).

Saturday we spent in the theater. Links Hall is a big, beautiful open space. We performed vice. (with mary kate) which is the first piece cakeface created and performed. Two shows and many sequined boleros later, I had my first non-Pizzeria-Uno Chicago deep dish pizza experience. It was less like runny pie and actually more like pizza that I suspected it would be, and I am in full support of polenta crust. Though, my advice to others would be not to eat it at midnight. Just saying.

Sunday morning required a 5:30AM wake up and then carting our asses to the airport. The upside to doing things like this is that you arrive back in New York before noon.

Hey Chicago, thanks for having us. We like you.

vice. (with mary kate) from cakeface on Vimeo.