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birthday cake and candles

photo I stole from AS!

Yesterday was quite a day. I already felt the birthday love at 11:45AM, which was before I yogacized and before I ate 3 pieces of cake. And had a birthday party!

I’ve had plenty of birthday parties, but the last few years I’ve been hiding out from friends on my birthday as I’ve come to dread it. Jeso and Dominic decided this year they were putting their collective foot down and planning me a party. But I explicitly said “no surprises” after Jeso’s surprise and they played by the rules.

It was amazing!

I always hear people whining about how they don’t want to go to so-and-so’s birthday party because it’s going to be a drag, so I always feel self indulgent expecting people to come to celebrate “me” because that seems like not a very big draw. But wow! It is really fun and great when people show up just for you! I was very flattered, and felt very loved. And it feels like the very first time that I’ve had a birthday and been able to appreciate that.

Enlightenment! Oh yeah! That’s a pretty good birthday present too.

Thank you friends, who celebrated me from near and far. I love you all so so so so much.

Brother's face makes me laugh everytime I look at this photo

[photo is from my birthday last year kayaking around Fox Island, Alaska. Brother’s face still makes me laugh.]

I sent my mom a text message last night telling her that I had just eaten a huge vegan sundae and was about to pass out but “thanks for carrying me for 9 months… and then the subsequent 28 years.”

2-8 is in and 2-7 is out! But, not without learning a few things:

1. When I die (which I’ve been thinking a lot about lately), I will think that this life has been good, but god damn, it went by so quick!
2. The “clear night” symbol on the iPhone weather app is not made up of tiny, indecipherable raindrops. They are stars. In my 27th year I carried my umbrella much less than my 26th year. Age = wisdom!
3. I could use to be more patient.

And dear friends, I love you all so much and am so thankful for your shiny presence in my life.

Onward, upward and striking while the iron is hot. YEOW.


Cassie suggested that I watch Labyrinth.

I did.

Jennifer Connelly was so weird in a truthful pre-pubescent way that I had no other choice but to believe Jennifer Connelly in real life was just as weird as Sarah.

The prevalence of David Bowie’s crotch was unsettling, but this was resolved by his dancing around with Toby, something I found very amusing. I wondered if the baby actor sought years of therapy as an adult after having recurring nightmares of Jim Henson’s mutilated dancing puppets?

My favorite part, as I’m sure would have been favorite part when I was 7 years old, was when David Bowie roofies Sarah and she has her erotic dream about David Bowie and his bedroom eyes. I cared less about the romantic signals and more about Jennifer Connelly’s amazing teased hair with all the flair, and the iridescent neon dress with the corset and the awesomely large puff sleeves. This was 1986 at its stylistic height!

The major life lesson I took away from this viewing was: don’t wish your baby brother away, otherwise you will spend an eternity [evening] battling David Bowie and have to navigate both a physical and metaphysical labyrinth to get him back. Jennifer Connelly expended way more energy than I would be comfortable exerting on such a mission, thus, I will not be wishing my 31-year-old brother into exile any time soon.

Other Movies I’ve Just Seen For the First Time:
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
The NeverEnding Story

under the Woodstock Bridge swim 6
Woodstock covered bridge
Woodstock cemetary
Sugarbush cheese tasting
Sugarbush Farm
my face at Sugarbush
feeding goats
DM feeding horse
DM feeding horses
under the Woodstock Bridge swim 7
under the Woodstock Bridge swim 5
under the Woodstock Bridge swim 4
under the Woodstock Bridge swim 3
under the Woodstock Bridge swim 1
first round of cheese
Vermont! 2013
local eggs are out
Earnest 2
before the first river swim
morning feet
Church Street
Harpoon Brewery, VT 5
Harpoon Brewery, VT 4
Harpoon Brewery, VT 3
Harpoon Brewery, VT 2
Harpoon Brewery, VT

awesome sink at our placeMarsh Billings
E and me
garden at Marsh Billings Rockefeller
Vermont trees
Ottaquechee River
breakfaston the way to SugarbushSustainable Farmer, Windsor VT
prepping the flaslight
Earnest in the dark
night time walk
the moon

Dominic took a few days off of a work and he arranged a last minute trip to Woodstock, Vermont. Last year, Jeso and I went to visit the HM and we swam in rivers and were totally in love with nature.

This year, Dominic fell in love with nature. We also met the HM and R-money under the Woodstock Bridge to go swimming. We also ate cheese. So. Much. Cheese.

One thing I noticed on our trip was that Vermont has a certain fascination with Art Nouveau fonts. I wondered if maybe there was a better option than Arnold Boecklin for signs for hair salons and clothing boutiques.

DM and I visited Sugarbush Farm while we were in Woodstock as well. We fed the livestock (do you know how weird goat’s tongues are? And visited the sugar house, and also taste tested cheese (as we had done every day before then as well).

We also attempted a star viewing one night, but I became radically afraid of being eaten by a bear so I made Dominic pack up the blanket. “WHAT IF WE DIE!?” I cried. This is obviously ridiculous but I am thankful he didn’t make me live through my fear. If I didn’t have a nervous breakdown about being mauled by a bear, I would have eventually come to have a nervous breakdown while looking at the stars. Lying on a blanket and looking into a dark sky feels both like you’re laying on the floor of a dimmed Grand Central and like you are looking into the universe (which you are) and has an effect of nausea and awe. I kept waiting for someone to step on me. This is not normal.

As we were heading towards I-91 for the trip home I screamed, “we won’t forget you! Promise me you’ll write! I love you, Vermont!”

I’ve got fingers, toes and eyes crossed that maybe I can go back again before 2013 ends. Earnest’s paws are crossed too, as he loved rolling around in some kind of animal poop-a-loop in the yard which forced me to give him a bath with Tresemme. While not made for dogs, he certainly is the shiniest I’ve ever seen him.

You can see posts from last year’s trip here here.